2017 Great Lakes Sonex Fly In

The 5th Annual Great Lakes Sonex Fly In is just around the corner – Saturday June 24th @ Clow International Airport 1C5, 130 South Clow International Parkway, Bolingbrook Illinois 60440

Sponsored by the Illinois Aviation Museum

Hosted by EAA Chapter 461

First presentation starts @ 9:00 AM

Our goal at the Great Lakes Sonex Fly In is to offer all those interested,  in building and/or flying a Sonex, Waiex, Xenos, Onex or SubSonex the opportunity to learn more about these planes, but also a setting for everyone to share with others their interests and experiences.

We have another great lineup of presentations this year.   This is a free event open to all aviation enthusiasts.  The first presentation starting at 9:00 AM.  We will break for lunch – separate checks please and then finish up back at the museum.

Bryan Cotton  – presentation/discussion on his progress with his Waiex 191 build.

Russ Pavlock – currently building Sonex 1351 will discuss the B modification kit that he is currently in the process of using to modify his Sonex. Picture below is marking the left wing for trimming.

Jim Gould – member of the the Illinois Aviation Museum will be discussing painting airplanes. The picture below is one of his more resent completions for the IAM.

If you are planning on attending please email greatlakessonex@gmail.com so that we can make sure we are setup for the right number of people.

This is not a sponsored Sonex event.  All information shared is to be considered opinion and treated as such.  Each individual attending and or participating in this event is responsible for their own interpretation and use of the information shared at this event.

Al Eidukas                                                                                                                                                                      1335                                                                                                                                                                                  708.638.8221

2nd Customer Built Sub Sonex Flies

Second Customer-Built SubSonex Personal Jet Makes First Flight: Andrew San Marco

Another customer-built SubSonex Personal Jet has flown! Congratulations to Andrew San Marco of Fairfield, Connecticut whose SubSonex SN#7 flew for the first time on December 2nd! Andrew writes:

“On Friday December 2nd, N13MB flew for the very first time.With Bob O’Haver at the controls, he departed New London, Ct, (GON) at 7:45 am. The initial flight was just over 30 minutes. Bob conducted some stalls, and slow flight followed by a low approach over the field. Shortly after 9:30am, and a pre flight briefing, I jumped in for a 35 minute flight over the Long Island Sound. The plane flew flawlessly, and handled far greater than I could have expected. The handling characteristics were smooth. Landing the plane was much easier than I had anticipated. With power at 88% at 5500 feet, I was seeing speeds at 210MPH. What a fantastic machine.

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank all of the folks at Sonex, with special mention to Kerry, Levi, and Joe. I’m grateful for your patience and support. I also want to thank Bob Carlton, Bill Hill, and Bob O’Haver for their wisdom and attention to detail during the LOA training In New Mexico. The training makes for a great transition into this aircraft. Finally, to the team in Groton, Chris Bergman, Tim Pavkov, and Gerry Sykes, you guys did an amazing job, I thank you for your guidance and amazing talent in making this a reality.

I look forward to enjoying this aircraft for years to come.”

Gold Wings are on the way to Andrew!

Learn More about the SubSonex!

Learn More About AeroInjector Tuning

Learn More About AeroInjector Tuning with the Sonex Flight Podcast!

Sonex Aircraft’s technical communications manager Kerry Fores spent some time with the folks from Sonex Flight Podcast last week, talking about AeroInjector Tuning. The episode walked through the tuning process, outlines common mistakes and provides trouble-shooting tips. The archived podcast can be downloaded from the Sonex Flight web site: Listen Now!

The AeroInjector throttle body injector carb represents simplicity in form and function, offering increased power and outstanding fuel economy for four-stroke engines from 30-125 hp, with a variety of intake manifold mounts and accessories available. Customers can use the AeroInjector Selection Wizard to choose the size, mount and accessories best-suited to their particular installation. AeroConversions AeroVee and AeroVee Turbo engines ship with the AeroInjector as standard equipment!

Interview Mark Schaible and Aero News – Great Job Mark!

B-Model in the News: EAA Sport Aviation Feature Coming; B-Model Featured on Aero-News

Sonex Aircraft just flew a great air-to-air photo mission in Waiex-B “Red One” with the EAA “Photo 1” crew yesterday morning for an upcoming feature in EAA Sport Aviation magazine! Look for more great air-to-air images of the B-Model to appear in our web site image gallery soon, and stay tuned for the EAA article.

The B-Model also received some love from the folks at Aero-News.net today, with the release of an AirVenture 2016video interview with Sonex GM Mark Schaible featuring the B-Model, along with the SubSonex Personal Jet. The B-Model’s AirVenture debut helped Sonex earn Aero-News’s vote for having some of the “Coolest Stuff @ AirVenture Oshkosh 2016”! According to ANN, “The Sonex-B and Waiex-B Make a Good Product Even Better, and the Jet is Still a Scorcher.”

Read More about the B-Models!

Great Lakes Sonex Fly in 2016 Wrap Up

Thank you all for making the Great Lakes Sonex 2016 Fly in a successful event.

What makes this event so successful – each and every one of you!


Thomas for his great presentation on his OneX build – 90% done with 90% to go.  We all hope to see you and your plane next year.

IMG_1021  Tom's Onex

Robbie for your important updates on your Sonex.

IMG_1026    CIMG4398

John for  introducing us to the new Sonex B line.

JohnB model

Tony for reviewing loss of control.


Don, Jim, and Robbie for flying in your Sonex planes.

Don   IMG_1035  Jim

The Man behind the scenes that is responsible for acquiring all the handouts & door prizes.  Thanks David, I couldn’t do it without your help!!


Arnie for flying in your Champ, cutting out the B model control panels, and Bob for flying in your RV12. Jill and Jaclyn for handling registration. Detlev and Gunter for doing a great job making the signs so attendees could find their way.

Illinois Aviation Museum for sponsoring this event.

Chapter 461 for hosting.

EAA Chapter

Clow International Airport.

Clow airport logo

Charlie’s restaurant.

Please go to the attached link to see some of Robbie’s’ great pictures from this event and prior years.


Enjoy the build and flying!

Hope to see everyone back in 2017.

Al – 1335