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Sonex Waiex B

Waiex B-Model Achieves First Flight!

Sonex Aircraft is pleased to announce that the first prototype of the new Sonex and Waiex B-Model designs, Waiex-B N112YB “The Spirit of Red One,” achieved its first flight this morning! Sonex T-Flight Chief Flight Instructor Joe Norris had the honor of conducting this morning’s first flight in the AeroVee Turbo powered Waiex-B. “Temperatures were in the green and it flies like a Sonex!” reported Joe.

Waiex-B N112YB, “The Spirit of Red One,” taxi’s out for it’s first flight on the morning of May 6th, 2016. “Temperatures were in the green and it flies like a Sonex!” reports test pilot Joe Norris.

Joe is all smiles and gives a thumbs-up as he taxi’s back to the Sonex ramp after the new aircraft’s first flight!

The Waiex-B over Oshkosh’s runway 18 during its successful first flight on the morning of May 6, 2016.

NKET Audits B-Models and Xenos Quick Build

Sonex Aircraft is proud to host the FAA’s National Kit Evaluation Team (NKET) again this week, as they audit the new Sonex and Waiex B-Model kits, and the new Xenos Motorglider Quick Build Kit!

NKET evaluation is used to establish a kit’s compliance with Experimental Amateur Built aircraft “major portion” or “51 percent” rules. FAA NKET Amateur-Built Fabrication and Assembly Checklists for the new Sonex Aircraft kit offerings will be completed during this week’s visit, and once approved by the FAA, will be available for download from the FAA database. More information about the NKET process, along with links to our current kit checklists may be found on our Aircraft Certification Page. Once final checklists are posted by the FAA, Sonex Aircraft will notify builders and post links to our web site.

Builders use these checklists to simplify the airworthiness inspection process for their completed aircraft. NKET checklists are especially important for kit sales in many foreign markets, where U.S. Experimental Amateur Built rules are often used as boilerplate definitions of their own regulations.

The NKET is once again using Sonex Aircraft to train new team members during this audit. Sonex hosted the very first organization and training exercises for the NKET in 2009, and participated in the ARC committee tasked with evaluating the EAB regulations, ultimately resulting in the NKET’s formation. In hosting this latest batch of NKET trainees, Sonex is proud to continue its leadership role in the future of our industry!