Great Lakes Sonex Fly in 2016 Wrap Up

Thank you all for making the Great Lakes Sonex 2016 Fly in a successful event.

What makes this event so successful – each and every one of you!


Thomas for his great presentation on his OneX build – 90% done with 90% to go.  We all hope to see you and your plane next year.

IMG_1021  Tom's Onex

Robbie for your important updates on your Sonex.

IMG_1026    CIMG4398

John for  introducing us to the new Sonex B line.

JohnB model

Tony for reviewing loss of control.


Don, Jim, and Robbie for flying in your Sonex planes.

Don   IMG_1035  Jim

The Man behind the scenes that is responsible for acquiring all the handouts & door prizes.  Thanks David, I couldn’t do it without your help!!


Arnie for flying in your Champ, cutting out the B model control panels, and Bob for flying in your RV12. Jill and Jaclyn for handling registration. Detlev and Gunter for doing a great job making the signs so attendees could find their way.

Illinois Aviation Museum for sponsoring this event.

Chapter 461 for hosting.

EAA Chapter

Clow International Airport.

Clow airport logo

Charlie’s restaurant.

Please go to the attached link to see some of Robbie’s’ great pictures from this event and prior years.

Enjoy the build and flying!

Hope to see everyone back in 2017.

Al – 1335